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Tips to increase your chances of getting pregnant

Como aumentar as chances para engravidar mais rápido

You’re not officially pregnant in the first two weeks of pregnancy. You see, since doctors can’t pinpoint the exact moment the egg was fertilized, they start counting from your last period. This means during those two weeks; anything can happen. If you want to increase your chances of getting pregnant, read on. + Pregnancy – […]

Is drinking coffee safe during pregnancy?

Pode tomar café na gravidez? Confira

The answer to the question above is something we should frequently use in life: excess is never a good thing. So, yes, expecting moms can have coffee – which is great news since pregnancy drowsiness is a killer, right? But there is a daily intake limit that should be respected, or there will be an […]

Is it true pregnant women can’t be in contact with cats?

Grávida pode ter contato com gato?

There is still a lot of uncertainty and misinformation about cats and pregnancy, but here is the truth: it’s very unlikely that having contact with cats will make you catch a disease that will result in bad consequences for your unborn child. You have a higher risk of getting toxoplasmosis by eating undercooked meat than […]

Cleaning during pregnancy: do’s and don’ts

Grávida pode limpar vidros e fazer faxina com alguns cuidados

So, you are tired of hearing, “pregnancy is not a disease.” Well, it really isn’t, but things work differently in the pregnant body. Some extra care in the housekeeping department must be allowed to ensure your health and the baby’s health is not put at risk. Suppose you’re experiencing a low-risk pregnancy. In that case, […]

Main complications that can affect the placenta during pregnancy

Alguns problemas na placenta durante a gravidez podem ser detectados pelo ultrassom

The placenta is the organ the pregnant body develops to make the blood connection between the mother and the baby. It provides oxygen and the nutrients necessary for the baby’s growth in the uterus through the umbilical cord.  It also produces and regulates some hormones during pregnancy, such as chorionic gonadotropin and progesterone. The placenta […]

Morphological ultrasound – what is it & when to do it

Ultrassom morfológico na gravidez

One of the most feared exams during pregnancy, the morphological ultrasound reveals if the baby is developing well or if they have some malformation or chromosome issue, which is why it’s usually faced with certain anxiety by expecting mothers. The exam is done during two phases of pregnancy: during the end of the first trimester […]

What to do if your pregnancy exceeds 40 weeks

For most women, the birth happens before the 42nd week. The 40th week marks the normal time needed for the baby to fully develop. However, if you got to this point and until now you haven’t felt anything, don’t worry. Many doctors wait up to 10 to 14 days after the expected birth date, zealously […]

What is it like in the hospital?

Quanto tempo a mãe e o bebê ficam no hospital

Yours and the baby’s stay in the hospital depends, of course, on both of your health conditions. Discharge after a normal birth happens after two days. If you undergo a C-section, which is a more complex surgery, you should be hospitalized for about three days. Ideally, you should always consider the period of three days, […]

The big moment is finally here!

Hora do bebê nascer

Your anxiety must be through the roof, but you’re also euphoric and worried – all at the same time. If this is your first pregnancy, you might even experience some apprehension you’ve never felt before. After all, there were more than enough tips, information, stories and advice you’ve been listening to for the past nine […]

Ready to come into the world

bebê pronto para nascer

The baby’s lungs continue to develop until he/she is born. Turthully, they’re already capable of working, but this will only happen during that long-awaited cry in the birthing room that’ll make you emotional and happy. The amniotic liquid, which was translucent, is now more opaque and milky due to the vernix caseosa, the viscous, waxy […]