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Basic care for baby’s skin

Cuidados com a pele do bebê

Did you know that the skin is the biggest organ in the human body and corresponds to 15% of our weight? It is a natural physical barrier against ultraviolet rays and can even help in maintaining our body temperature. The baby’s skin, however, is still immature, fragile and susceptible to environmental harms. Even the baby’s […]

What is this dark line down my belly?

There is nothing wrong with you. It’s common for a vertical line during pregnancy, which seems to divide the bump, to appear. That line was there well before you got pregnant. Still, with elevated levels of pigmentation triggered by hormonal changes, the line becomes more brown-ish – and therefore, visible – as soon as the second […]

Pregnancy and your skin

Hormonal changes during pregnancy will also greatly affect your skin. In high quantities in your body, hormones responsible for pigmentation usually causes brownish blemishes on the face and neck region. Whether light or dark-skinned, the blemishes will be lighter than their natural complexion for black women.  Even those who use sunscreen regularly aren’t completely out of […]