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Underwear for pregnant women: how to pick the best pieces

You can roll your eyes all you want at the thought of buying underwear made specifically for pregnant women. However, as the end of the sixth month nears, you’ll begin to notice that the underwear you’ve always worn hasn’t been giving you the proper kind of support to your ever-growing breasts and baby bump. More […]

Shoes: which ones to wear during pregnancy?

The sixth month of pregnancy marks the end of the second trimester and, with that, prepare yourself to feel the accelerated weight gain and more swelling on your legs and feet. Your postural tone and equilibrium will alter as your pregnancy advances. As the bump begins to weigh more and inclines forward, every pregnant woman […]

Colouring, highlights, hair straightening… Yay or nay?

Get ready to enter a stage where you will feel beautiful, despite the pounds you have gained. Pregnancy is a time of great transformation in the woman’s body and life, as well as happiness and hope. The result is an enormous asset for the body and the soul. With hormones running high, the hair tends […]