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Tips to increase your chances of getting pregnant

Como aumentar as chances para engravidar mais rápido

You’re not officially pregnant in the first two weeks of pregnancy. You see, since doctors can’t pinpoint the exact moment the egg was fertilized, they start counting from your last period. This means during those two weeks; anything can happen. If you want to increase your chances of getting pregnant, read on. + Pregnancy – […]

14 common mistakes in the baby’s diet

First of all, do not blame yourself! It’s entirely normal to make mistakes when we’re just trying to feed our children the best we can. Just focus on correcting some behaviors but don’t beat yourself up if not everything goes according to plan. Offering only baby food and creamy soup is not a good idea. […]

How to prepare your oldest for the arrival of a new baby?

The arrival of the second child can be a delicate moment in the life of a family. Soon enough, parents will have to care for not one but two children. The second child often comes when the oldest child already sleeps through the night and has finally been potty-trained. A new baby arrives, and sleepless […]

12 tips on dealing with your oldest child once the newborn arrives

1. Have your oldest child meet their new sibling at the hospital. This is a moment that should be shared with the immediate family without other visitors. 2. Buy them a present they can gift to their new sibling as a welcome gift. 3. Do not force any contact or affection. Give your big kid […]

7 Tips to save on food & drinks for your child’s birthday

Children’s birthday parties need candy, savory bites and cake. But, when your child and their friends have barely learned how to walk, how can you put together a menu for adults while still keeping the babies in mind? It’s possible many of them haven’t even tried sugar yet, seeing as most pediatricians recommend parents avoid […]