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22 months: why contact with nature is so important

Stepping on soft, fluffy sand and digging their toes in its softness only to, right after, feel the coolness of the ocean as waves lap their feet. Grabbing the dirt in the playground with their hands and “saving it for later” in a bucket. Smelling the flowers, feeling the texture of tree bark, observing ants […]

First long trip: get your baby ready!

Confira os cuidados a ter na primeira viagem longa do bebê

All decisions involving children are relative to each individual family. Some parents like to take their children on trips with as early as 2 or 3 months after birth; others only feel more comfortable after the kid turns two. It’s a personal preference, really, which is why BabyHome considers the age group of around one […]

Babies in restaurants: training for solo eating

Bebê no restaurante

Going out with a small child is always a shot in the dark. It can go smoothly, where the baby remains calm for most of the time as it can take a completely different turn and lead to crying and irritation. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should stay at home and deprive your child […]