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Tips to increase your chances of getting pregnant

Como aumentar as chances para engravidar mais rápido

You’re not officially pregnant in the first two weeks of pregnancy. You see, since doctors can’t pinpoint the exact moment the egg was fertilized, they start counting from your last period. This means during those two weeks; anything can happen. If you want to increase your chances of getting pregnant, read on. + Pregnancy – […]

Conception: the dream of having a child begins to turn into reality

Quando occorre a fecundação

At the beginning of this week, your conception starts. Sperm has found the egg in the uterine tube – the miracle of life has begun, in a process that takes about 24 hours. The most potent sperm cells survive up to 5 days inside the female genitalia, but the median survival rate is usually 48 […]

What happens when more than one egg is released?

A woman might ovulate twice in the same cycle, something that’s more common after the age of 35. The result, as you might imagine, leads to the formation of two beautiful little babies in your arms after nine months. Even more rarely, the ovary might release three or even four eggs at a time, ultimately […]

Pregnancy – When does it start, after all?

Quando começa a gravidez

It is known that a woman’s gestation period lasts, on average, anywhere from 38 to 41 weeks, being that the 40th week is usually the cut-off for the birth of the baby, according to most doctors. Usually, this timeline creates a lot of confusion during the first prenatal visit to the doctor when the woman […]