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What to look for after the baby is vaccinated?

Reação do bebê ao tomar vacina

Fever, pain, redness, allergies, and localized edemas are just some of the most common reactions that can happen in the 48 hours after a vaccine. Communicate it to the pediatrician immediately if the symptoms persist for longer. Your health care provider will guide you on whether to medicate your child or take on special care. […]

Learn which vaccines your child needs

Vacinas para o bebê

Keep your vaccine schedule handy and updated. Your child needs you to take care of her needs. While still in the maternity ward, babies are usually given two vaccines: against Hepatitis B and the BCG vaccine, which protects against tuberculosis (this one, in fact, leaves a little mark on the baby’s arm for the rest […]

Are your vaccines up to date?

Vacinas na gravidez

A huge part of the crucial steps you should take to care for your pregnancy should include disease prevention. You see, depending on the gravity of the illness, it may cause harm to the baby, such as a cold – either the common cold or type influenza – and Hepatitis B. Therefore, keeping your vaccines […]