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Are your vaccines up to date?

Vacinas na gravidez

A huge part of the crucial steps you should take to care for your pregnancy should include disease prevention. You see, depending on the gravity of the illness, it may cause harm to the baby, such as a cold – either the common cold or type influenza – and Hepatitis B. Therefore, keeping your vaccines […]

Anxiety under control

It’s possible that, as you find out you’re pregnant, you’ll react in a completely different way than you expected, as much as you may have dreamed of this moment. Don’t worry: it’s entirely human and reasonable for your feelings to get mixed up. These emotional changes are triggered, in part, due to your hormonal alterations […]

Conception: the dream of having a child begins to turn into reality

Quando occorre a fecundação

At the beginning of this week, your conception starts. Sperm has found the egg in the uterine tube – the miracle of life has begun, in a process that takes about 24 hours. The most potent sperm cells survive up to 5 days inside the female genitalia, but the median survival rate is usually 48 […]