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Early pregnancy symptoms: What to expect?

Descubra quais são os primeiros sintomas de gravidez

At this point, your body, and your emotions will enter a period of transformation to prepare you for the beautiful adventure of maternity. However, it is important to emphasize: not all women will experience the symptoms listed below. The symptoms vary in intensity based on different women and even in different pregnancies. The most common, […]

Finally, you’re pregnant!

At the end of this week, mother nature should be knocking on your door, but this time around, you didn’t get your period. And you certainly have noticed symptoms similar to those of PMS, like fatigue and irritability. Everything indicates, however, that you’re pregnant!   Any woman can go into a pharmacy, buy a pregnancy test, […]

Are stomach (abdominal) pains normal during pregnancy?

From the very beginning of pregnancy, many women complain about stomach or abdominal pain. It may feel very similar to regular period cramps in the first trimester, especially when the egg is attaching to the uterus wall (this is called nidation). As your uterus grows, it displaces your bowel, and it may make you feel […]