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The development of the baby week 05

The little heart begins to beat – with each beat becoming more regular as the days go by. This week, the embryo looks a lot more like a tadpole (including the little tail) than a human, but this will change soon. Some of the baby’s cells are developing in the neural tube, which will eventually […]

How pregnancy differs throughout different age brackets

Adolescence  Pregnancy during this period of a woman’s life is usually considered high-risk. The younger the woman, the bigger the threat – even that of death during birth. During this phase of life, there’s a higher chance that the baby will be born underweight, prematurely, or that the teen will suffer a spontaneous abortion. There’s […]

Obstetrician: what you need to know about picking a reliable professional

If you still don’t have an OB-GYN, you can trust; it’s about time you find one. How? Start by taking recommendations from your female friends. If you’re looking for doctors covered by your insurance plan, it’s a good idea to book appointments with more than one doctor so you can have options. Since you’ll be […]