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The development of the baby week 06

Picture a lentil bean. Done? That’s the size of your baby. The vertebra is developing, and the area where the face will be is forming shapes that will eventually become the chin, cheeks, eyes, and nose. You still can’t hear it, but the heart, divided into both right and left chambers, is beating at the […]

How to deal with the discomforts of the first trimester

Maybe you’re part of the lucky group of women who don’t experience – or only experience to some degree – the common symptoms of pregnancy. Whatever the intensity of the symptoms, the vast majority of pregnant women suffer from these discomforts caused by hormonal changes. Follow the tips provided by BabyHome to, at the very least, minimize […]

Everything you need to know about sex during pregnancy

Generally speaking, sex during pregnancy brings benefits to both the future mother and the baby. The couple’s bond, which begins to transform ever since that positive pregnancy test result, can also improve and become more intimate. However, there are some phases where the woman might see a drop in her libido – after all, how […]