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The development of the baby week 07

Think about a little bean…that’s the current size of your baby. The areas of the baby’s brain are beginning to form, and the “buttons” that will become its arms and legs are beginning to show. The baby has also developed its fingers and toes, which are still interconnected by a light membrane. The ears and […]

Colouring, highlights, hair straightening… Yay or nay?

Get ready to enter a stage where you will feel beautiful, despite the pounds you have gained. Pregnancy is a time of great transformation in the woman’s body and life, as well as happiness and hope. The result is an enormous asset for the body and the soul. With hormones running high, the hair tends […]

Pregnancy cravings: What do they mean?

Beans with dulce de leche, whipped cream on bread, watermelon soup with brie cheese, ice, and even non-edible things like brick and soap. Weird, curious, or just plain bizarre, cravings during pregnancy aren’t just an age-old joke or a spoiled excuse expectant mothers can use to test the patience of those around them. They are […]