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The development of the baby week 08

Now begins the ossification of your baby’s skeleton, wherein cartilage begins to transform into bone. Your baby is now the size of a raspberry. Your little one’s tail begins to disappear, while the eyes are popping up on the sides of the head. Your embryo, as of the next couple of weeks, will become “promoted” […]

Filter hunches and opinions with grace

It’s possible that, at this point, you’ve told certain people – most likely those you are closer with – that you’re pregnant. Those people, in turn, have already started giving you advice. And, at the doctor’s waiting room, you’ve probably interacted with some other pregnant woman who loves chatting and exchanging tips. If you haven’t […]

Emotional and physical changes: Understand everything that’s been happening to you

You might have already noticed that you’re the most sensitive you’ve ever been: on some occasions, it seems as though your emotions are running high and indeed uncontrollably. Changes in appetite and sleep, abrupt emotional changes, and extreme fatigue are highly evident symptoms at this stage, due to the hormonal shifts that affect your entire […]