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Is drinking coffee safe during pregnancy?

Pode tomar café na gravidez? Confira

The answer to the question above is something we should frequently use in life: excess is never a good thing. So, yes, expecting moms can have coffee – which is great news since pregnancy drowsiness is a killer, right? But there is a daily intake limit that should be respected, or there will be an […]

Is it true pregnant women can’t be in contact with cats?

Grávida pode ter contato com gato?

There is still a lot of uncertainty and misinformation about cats and pregnancy, but here is the truth: it’s very unlikely that having contact with cats will make you catch a disease that will result in bad consequences for your unborn child. You have a higher risk of getting toxoplasmosis by eating undercooked meat than […]

The development of the baby week 10

The external sexual organs are becoming more defined. Hold off on your eagerness for just a little while longer: in a few weeks, the ultrasound will be able to tell you if you’re expecting a boy or a girl. On the 10th week, the ears will be implanted on a lower part of the head, […]

Prevent varicose veins during pregnancy

Visible veins near your stomach, breasts, and especially on your legs are a common symptom of pregnancy. They become more evident due to hormones making your blood vessels more flexible to better blood flow since circulation increases significantly during pregnancy. Because your skin will stretch at the rate at which your silhouette grows to accommodate […]

Exercises during pregnancy: which ones are the most indicated?

Can you continue your workout routine? Will starting a workout routine during your pregnancy be beneficial for you and your baby? Questions like these are common for future mothers. The practice of physical activities during pregnancy is highly recommended by specialists. It brings several benefits such as helping control anxiety, enhancing self-esteem, better disposition, reducing […]