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Morphological ultrasound – what is it & when to do it

Ultrassom morfológico na gravidez

One of the most feared exams during pregnancy, the morphological ultrasound reveals if the baby is developing well or if they have some malformation or chromosome issue, which is why it’s usually faced with certain anxiety by expecting mothers. The exam is done during two phases of pregnancy: during the end of the first trimester […]

The development of the baby week 11

Are you ready to experience one of the greatest emotions of your life? On the 11th week, it’s possible to listen, for the very first time, to your baby’s little heartbeats through an ultrasound. Us, at BabyHome, will bet you’ll become very surprised to know that the fetus’ heart beats anywhere between 120 to 160 beats […]

Using bug spray during pregnancy: The right way to do it

While there are still no conclusive answers, all signs point to the fact that pregnant women tend to attract mosquitoes more than the average person. One of the possible reasons for that is the elevation of their body temperature during the gestation period. Since bugs have a heightened sense of orientation based on the emission […]

Nutrition during pregnancy: you should eat well, but never for two!

During pregnancy, the human body will absorb the nutrients from food a lot easier. Nature knows best: this upgrade on nutrient absorption is necessary given the unborn child feeds itself through you, via the umbilical cord. The problem is, common knowledge mistakenly maintains that pregnant women need to eat twice as much to provide ideal […]