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The development of the baby week 12

At this point, your baby is the size of a lime. The eyes (up until now, were positioned at the sides of the head) are closer together, and the ears are practically in place. Tissue and organs that have already formed are growing and maturing quickly. The intestines, which before were just a swollen part […]

Delicate sleep: a topic for moms

During the week, you’ll catch yourself constantly yawning – you’ll be so tired that, sometimes, you’ll feel your eyelids slowly closing, and, without noticing, will scare yourself awake. On Saturdays and Sundays, afternoon naps are more than welcome. Excessive sleepiness is a result of a bigger concentration of progesterone in your organism, which requires necessary […]

Hello, world: I’m pregnant!

At this point, your symptoms will give off very clear signs that you’re pregnant – after all, hiding your strong and constant nausea isn’t easy – and a lot of people have probably paid attention to the “interesting phase” you’re experiencing. This condition, however, is an exception, which is why doctors recommend expectant mothers to […]