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The development of the baby week 16

Last week, it was the size of an apple. Now, the fetus has the dimensions of pear. A beautiful little pear that won’t stop moving its little legs and arms – patience, soon enough you’ll be able to feel all of it! More advanced systems, like the circulatory and urinary, are in full action. The […]

Focus on your social life; it’s important!

Seek, as much as possible, to take advantage of the wave of energy and disposition during the second trimester to go out with friends, catch up, laugh and go to that restaurant you love. The same idea applies to you and your partner: try to go out together as much as possible to watch a […]

Common symptoms of the second trimester

Headaches: Stress, fatigue, hormonal changes, and even reducing your caffeine intake can be the culprits of what causes headaches in pregnant women. Sinus infections and migraines, while controlled with medications, can also trigger this ailment. Massages, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, having a regular sleep schedule, and practicing relaxing activities such as yoga can help […]