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The development of the baby week 17

On the week that closes the chapter for the fourth month of pregnancy, many changes are going to happen. The baby’s eyes, for example, start looking forward instead of sideways. Very soon, the ears will be in the right spot. Besides, the cartilage that will become the skeleton begins to harden. Women who already have […]

Forgetfulness and distractions are common.

Forgetting what you were going to say or what you were looking for, losing your car keys, forgetting your wallet at home…Being out of it during pregnancy is normal, due to the emotional and hormonal alterations. The increase in progesterone in the organism affects the area of the brain responsible for attention, which makes expectant […]

We’re going shopping!

Of course, this all depends on a series of factors – your professional occupancy, needs, budget, fashion style – but no pregnant woman needs to spend buckets of money to buy the ideal clothing items necessary for their new body shape. To help you through this mission, BabyHome put together nine helpful tips:  We’re talking about a […]