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The development of the baby week 19

Your child is now the size of a mango! A cute little mango that has gone from the primordial stage to sensory development. The brain has been actively working, especially the areas responsible for the senses: odor, palate, hearing, vision, and tact. Hands and feet have taken their shape while the skin produces a waxy, […]

Dental treatments: what is safe during pregnancy?

Don’t neglect your teeth during pregnancy! The increase in circulation can cause the gums to bleed and, depending on how you use your toothbrush and floss, can cause pain and inflammation. Some pregnant women, at the beginning of their gestation, might neglect dental hygiene (without even noticing) because the movement of the toothbrush as well […]

Pregnancy and your skin

Hormonal changes during pregnancy will also greatly affect your skin. In high quantities in your body, hormones responsible for pigmentation usually causes brownish blemishes on the face and neck region. Whether light or dark-skinned, the blemishes will be lighter than their natural complexion for black women.  Even those who use sunscreen regularly aren’t completely out of […]