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The development of the baby week 20

Your baby will roll around, swim, kick, and even experience hiccups. No need to fret: most babies have hiccups inside the uterus, a result of the spasms caused by an immature diaphragm. Your baby has been drinking up on amniotic fluid, training its digestive system for the feeding it’ll get in the future. Your baby […]

What is this dark line down my belly?

There is nothing wrong with you. It’s common for a vertical line during pregnancy, which seems to divide the bump, to appear. That line was there well before you got pregnant. Still, with elevated levels of pigmentation triggered by hormonal changes, the line becomes more brown-ish – and therefore, visible – as soon as the second […]

Emotions are running high: you’ll start feeling your baby moving around!

Figuring out exactly what kind of silliness your baby is up to inside your womb is never an easy task, especially for first-time mothers. Anxiety, inexperience, and fear are some of the contributing factors that make this so difficult. Around the 16th week, many women describe a feeling that equates to “tiny fishes swimming around […]