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The development of the baby week 21

Eyebrows, eyelids, and nails are 100 percent formed. From now on, the maternal voice becomes perceptible to the baby, so take this time to sing, speak, and have conversations out loud so your baby can hear them. The heartbeats are now loud enough for you to hear through a simple stethoscope, but you might not […]

You deserve a spa day at home

Fatigue, swelling, back and pelvic pain, tired feet, and legs…Pregnancy definitely has an exhaustive side to it, and the best way to curb it is by pampering yourself – a lot! Try putting aside one day out of the week – could be a Saturday or Sunday – when you have fewer chores and tasks […]

Back pain and tips for relief

Yes, it’s incredibly bothersome. Perhaps you’ve just begun to feel it, but know that the tendency is for it to worsen over the course of the next few months. Back pain is a recurring issue with pregnant women and is part of the overall process. In order to keep their balance as the baby grows, […]