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Cleaning during pregnancy: do’s and don’ts

Grávida pode limpar vidros e fazer faxina com alguns cuidados

So, you are tired of hearing, “pregnancy is not a disease.” Well, it really isn’t, but things work differently in the pregnant body. Some extra care in the housekeeping department must be allowed to ensure your health and the baby’s health is not put at risk. Suppose you’re experiencing a low-risk pregnancy. In that case, […]

The development of the baby week 22

As long as a carrot and with proportional arms and legs, your baby becomes more and more active as each day goes by she’ll kick, stretch, hug the umbilical cord, suck on her thumb, squeeze her little hands, move her feet… The pancreas, a fundamental organ for the production of hormones, is forming, the same […]

Leg Cramps During Pregnancy: Prevention and Relief Tips

Commonplace during pregnancy, cramps can happen during all gestational stages due to continuous muscular effort. Still, cramps usually happen with higher intensity after the second trimester, as the pregnant woman’s posture changes. In this final phase, when the baby “uses” up the mother’s calcium content to fortify their bones, cramps become more common, especially on […]

Shoes: which ones to wear during pregnancy?

The sixth month of pregnancy marks the end of the second trimester and, with that, prepare yourself to feel the accelerated weight gain and more swelling on your legs and feet. Your postural tone and equilibrium will alter as your pregnancy advances. As the bump begins to weigh more and inclines forward, every pregnant woman […]