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The development of the baby week 23

The average 23-week fetus measures 11.4 inches from head to foot and weighs 1.1 pounds. IBaby already hears your voice with more clarity – which makes this a great moment to talk, read stories, sing… Studies show fetuses have a bigger preference for classical music during their “stay” inside the womb, with a special likening […]

Anemia and pregnancy

Do you feel so tired it’s become challenging to tend to your daily chores? Well, anemia may be the cause of your lack of energy. There are different types of anemia. Pregnancy is often the cause of iron-deficiency anemia, which is common in the second and third trimesters. It is easily manageable with the help […]

The baby’s room: how to set up a nurturing environment

Planning your baby’s room is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and magical moments during your pregnancy. After all, thinking about furniture, the color you’ll paint the walls, and decor details and toys is, in reality, living a dream. Very soon, your baby will be in there, in deep, peaceful sleep in a […]