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The development of the baby week 25

At this point, your uterus is the size of a soccer ball – which is why you’ve been getting the feeling that your organs are getting more and more squished. Minuscule capillaries have started to develop underneath the baby’s skin, giving it a pinkish tone. Every day, your baby will become smarter. The cerebral cortex […]

Pregnancy-specific classes and courses

Prenatal courses aren’t mandatory but are definitely a helpful tool – besides the books, videos, and BabyHome – that can help prepare a first-time mother for the birth process. Usually, these are paid, offered by the hospital, and are geared towards the expecting couple, which is great because it can help your partner feel more […]

Underwear for pregnant women: how to pick the best pieces

You can roll your eyes all you want at the thought of buying underwear made specifically for pregnant women. However, as the end of the sixth month nears, you’ll begin to notice that the underwear you’ve always worn hasn’t been giving you the proper kind of support to your ever-growing breasts and baby bump. More […]