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The development of the baby Week 28

A gravidez e o desenvolvimento do bebê de 28 semanas

Your bun in the oven now weighs about 2¼ pounds and is almost 15 inches long when measured head to toe. Prepare to gain weight more rapidly in this final stretch. By week 28, babies can open their eyes and turn their heads if there is intense light shining outside the womb. The layer of fat […]

Expecting twins

Informação sobre gravidez de gêmeos

The prenatal requirements for a future mother of twins tend to be a bit more rigorous to avoid possible complications and health problems. As you’re about to face the last trimester, every woman pregnant with twins should know that: In most cases, twin pregnancies don’t get as far as 40 weeks. Twins are usually born […]

Breast and nipple care during pregnancy

Cuidados com os seios na gravidez

No soap Use only water to wash your nipples and areolas. No soap of any kind as they can remove the natural oils in the area and lead to dry and cracked nipples. Invest in the right bra Since your breasts continue to increase in size starting from the first trimester, you may have to […]