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The development of the baby week 29

Gravidez 29 semanas

Your little one’s muscles and lungs continue to develop, and its skeleton hardens more and more each day. The head is also growing to accommodate the brain, which also grows more each day. If it’s a boy, the testicles are descending from the kidneys all the way down to the crotch. If it’s a girl, […]

Making a birth plan

O que colocar no seu plano de parto

This is a controversial topic amongst certain critic physicians regarding forming unrealistic expectations, which, many times, cannot be met due to unforeseen circumstances – and may cause legal issues. However, creating a birth plan can be an empowering tool that helps the woman have a larger power over the decisions involving the procedures she does […]

Maternity Hospital: where to give birth?

Como escolher a maternidade

As the expected birth date nears, certain things cannot be pushed back any longer. Think about what kind of labor and delivery experience you want. Make a list of what is essential to you when it comes to B-day. Compare your contenders: Health Insurance Are the hospital and maternity ward of your choosing covered by […]