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Baby’s Development Week 30

Gravidez 30 semanas

The baby has been getting pretty big lately. In the following weeks, he/she will double or even triple in size! As a result, this is the point in time where you’ll be gaining more weight too. This week, your baby can differentiate between light and dark and can even follow with their eyes a moving […]

Late pregnancy emotions

Como lidar com as emoções no terceiro trimestre da gestação

Do you remember when you’d cry out of nowhere and over anything at the beginning of your pregnancy? Well, get ready to face a whirlwind of emotions and drown yourself in tears again. Due to physiological (the hormonal imbalance) and emotional (nervousness and anxieties over the birth) reasons, the mood swings are back to consuming […]

Is it possible to sleep well at the end of your pregnancy?

dormir no final da gravidez

As the final stretch nears, your anxiety levels must be through the roof, right? The thought of giving birth gives you butterflies in your stomach – which, by the way, won’t stop growing and make it harder for you to find a comfortable spot in bed. Or on the couch, where most pregnant women are […]