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The development of the baby week 31

Gravidez 31 semanas

Your little one is now the size of an asparagus! Baby is about 16.2 inches long and weighs about 3.3 pounds. So big your lungs are feeling a little squashed. With more defined arms and legs, babies can, at this point in time, turn their neck sideways. Some children – as can happen even after […]

Voracious appetite? Check out tips on what to and what not to put on your plate.

apetite na gravidez

Hungrier? Your baby needs more and more nutrients to develop in this final stage. As a consequence, you’ll feel hungrier, despite the pressure placed on your stomach. The anxiety over the proximity of the birth date contributes to your immense hunger.  Ideally, so as not to pack on a few more pounds and risk suffering […]

Start looking for a pediatrician for your baby.

Escolher o pediatra

You’re still a few weeks away from feeling the joy of holding your baby in your arms, but you won’t need to wait to see your child’s cute little face before choosing the pediatrician that will follow-up with him/her throughout their entire childhood. But how to choose one? Ask for recommendations from friends, family, call […]