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The development of the baby week 32

Gravidez 32 semanas

Baby will stop floating as space becomes more and more restricted and the level of amniotic liquid production stabilizes. Your little bundle of joy measures about 16.7 inches and weighs in at about 3.8 pounds at 32 weeks pregnant. But it won’t stop him/her from moving a lot inside your womb – many pregnant women […]

Prepare yourself for more frequent doctor’s appointments.

Consultas médicas no final da gravidez

After the 32nd week, doctors recommend pregnant women visit their practice every two weeks, instead of only once a month. During the ninth month, appointments can be weekly. The intensive prenatal method is important to detect signs of infection, premature birth, or preeclampsia. A new ultrasound is recommended. It will analyze the baby’s weight, the […]

Colostrum: address all your questions

Colostro é o primeiro leite materno

Before the breasts begin producing maternal milk, they start by making colostrum first. This is the first form of milk produced, which already has beneficial proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins for the baby. Colostrum is also rich in antibodies that protect the baby in the first days of life. Some health caregivers call it “the […]