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Main complications that can affect the placenta during pregnancy

Alguns problemas na placenta durante a gravidez podem ser detectados pelo ultrassom

The placenta is the organ the pregnant body develops to make the blood connection between the mother and the baby. It provides oxygen and the nutrients necessary for the baby’s growth in the uterus through the umbilical cord.  It also produces and regulates some hormones during pregnancy, such as chorionic gonadotropin and progesterone. The placenta […]

The development of the baby week 34

Gravidez 34 semanas

It’s very likely that, at this point, your baby has already turned upside down. The position, also known as the vertex, is ideal for birth. However, the baby will still turn a couple of times before being born. The lungs and nervous system have not matured completely, but this shouldn’t worry you if you happen […]

Preparing your maternity bag

O que colocar na mala de maternidade

Experts recommend you start packing your maternity bag – or rather, bags, one for you and one for the baby – anytime after the 34th week. During the 37th week, everything should be organized, seeing as your baby could be born at any point in time. To pack your bags, bear in mind that you’ll […]