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The development of the baby week 35

Gravidez 35 semanas

Both kidneys are almost ready. The liver can already process substances the body won’t need. As your uterus gets closer to your ribcage and your baby keeps growing, you might feel out of breath. Don’t worry, the time is coming soon! Try getting on all fours for a deeper breath. Your baby, at this time, […]

The final stretch: everything you can and can’t do

O que pode ou não fazer na reta final da gravidez

Many pregnant women are overwhelmed by a wave of energy during the last weeks of pregnancy, but you should be careful not to go too crazy. A common theme between future mothers is called “nesting,” which consists of an inherent, absurd need to clean the house and make sure everything is neat and proper for […]

Anesthetics options for labor and delivery

Tipos de anestesia para parto

Labor pain on your mind? You may be dreaming of a painless natural birth. BUT things don’t always happen the way we expect them to, right? And the fact is: Medication can help minimize the mother’s pain and suffering and allows everything to run smoothly. There are many ways to address labor pain drug-free. However, […]