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Baby’s development Week 37

Gravidez 37 semanas

Your baby is probably the length of a bunch of Swiss chard, weighs about 6 1/3 pounds and measures somewhere around 19 inches. The little one will continue to gain roughly 2.4 ounces of fat per week to help regulate body temperature and keep blood sugar in check. The brain and cranium will continue to […]

Myths and truths about freezing your umbilical cord

congelamento do cordão umbilical

In an effort to finding a cure for a disease the child may develop in the future, many families consider freezing the baby’s umbilical cord. It is rich in hematopoietic stem cells, which, for adults, can be found in red bone marrow, and is used to treat hematopoietic diseases, such as leukemia, linfomas and thalassemia. […]

Know which interventions can happen during birth

Intervenções durante o parto

To avoid putting the mother through intense pain – which can also cause suffering to the baby or even death – some extreme procedures have to be done during birth. The pregnant woman and her family, of course, will be oriented and briefed by the doctor, who, it’s worth noting, will only use these measures […]