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The development of the baby week 38

Gravidez 38 semanas

We’re getting close! Your little one’s organs are completely developed and in the right place. The lungs and brain already work, so there shouldn’t be any issues if your baby is born before 40 weeks. After all, he/she probably weighs a little more than 3 kgs now. The thin hair that coated their little body […]

Important tests and exams for a newborn

Exames no recém nascido

Done within few hours after birth, these are fundamental for early detection of a series of diseases: Heel-stick test Usually done about 48 hours after birth, after the baby has been properly breastfed. A small amount of blood is taken from the newborn’s heel, which doctors can screen for a myriad of diseases, such as […]

Inside the nursery

Como funciona o berçário

While the combined accommodation – when the baby stays in the hospital room with the mother – is becoming more and more prioritized, as soon as the baby is born it’ll probably go spend some time in the nursery before being subjected to a series of procedures. Before that, let’s rewind a bit: as soon […]