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Ready to come into the world

bebê pronto para nascer

The baby’s lungs continue to develop until he/she is born. Turthully, they’re already capable of working, but this will only happen during that long-awaited cry in the birthing room that’ll make you emotional and happy. The amniotic liquid, which was translucent, is now more opaque and milky due to the vernix caseosa, the viscous, waxy […]

What can you do with the placenta?

O que fazer com a placenta

The placenta is an organ that only exists during pregnancy and has very specific functions, such as producing hormones. providing nutrients and oxygen to the baby, protecting the fetus from impacts inside the womb and eliminating residues the fetus produces. After nine months of intense activity, the placenta is naturally  expelled from the woman’s body […]

How to make the moments before birth more tranquil

Aliviar a dor durante o parto

To alleviate pain and ease the birthing process, there are a series of measures you can take – regardless of how uncomfortable you might be. Keeping calm is the first basic attitude you should adopt, including: Try to change your position, seeking comfort within every move: sitting on the bed, laying on your side, squatting, […]