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What to do if your pregnancy exceeds 40 weeks

For most women, the birth happens before the 42nd week. The 40th week marks the normal time needed for the baby to fully develop. However, if you got to this point and until now you haven’t felt anything, don’t worry. Many doctors wait up to 10 to 14 days after the expected birth date, zealously […]

What is it like in the hospital?

Quanto tempo a mãe e o bebê ficam no hospital

Yours and the baby’s stay in the hospital depends, of course, on both of your health conditions. Discharge after a normal birth happens after two days. If you undergo a C-section, which is a more complex surgery, you should be hospitalized for about three days. Ideally, you should always consider the period of three days, […]

The big moment is finally here!

Hora do bebê nascer

Your anxiety must be through the roof, but you’re also euphoric and worried – all at the same time. If this is your first pregnancy, you might even experience some apprehension you’ve never felt before. After all, there were more than enough tips, information, stories and advice you’ve been listening to for the past nine […]