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12 tips on dealing with your oldest child once the newborn arrives

1. Have your oldest child meet their new sibling at the hospital. This is a moment that should be shared with the immediate family without other visitors. 2. Buy them a present they can gift to their new sibling as a welcome gift. 3. Do not force any contact or affection. Give your big kid […]

7 Tips to save on food & drinks for your child’s birthday

Children’s birthday parties need candy, savory bites and cake. But, when your child and their friends have barely learned how to walk, how can you put together a menu for adults while still keeping the babies in mind? It’s possible many of them haven’t even tried sugar yet, seeing as most pediatricians recommend parents avoid […]

Pay attention to daytime naps

Close to turning two years old, many children start refusing to take that much needed nap in the afternoon. Why rest when there’s so much to do and discover? That’s not really how it goes: the intellectual, emotional, cognitive and physical developmental marathon at this age requires more rest to able to deal with all […]

22 months: why contact with nature is so important

Stepping on soft, fluffy sand and digging their toes in its softness only to, right after, feel the coolness of the ocean as waves lap their feet. Grabbing the dirt in the playground with their hands and “saving it for later” in a bucket. Smelling the flowers, feeling the texture of tree bark, observing ants […]