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Yelling & crying at night: it could be night terrors

It sounds like a nightmare but it isn’t. It seems like sleep walking, but it’s not. Night terrors are a form of sleep disturbia that’s relatively common among children and that tends to happen more frequently between ages two to five, but could happen as early as before the baby turns one. The child will […]

Your child can already understand everything you say

Filho já entende tudo

With their language in plain development and ready to turn two, the child can already comprehend exactly what you say, even if they don’t know certain words. They already know the day-to-day life inside the house pretty well, as well as certain routine situations. Because of that, your child can follow simple instructions such as, […]

Tantrums and the “Terrible Twos”

Início dos terrible twos

It feels like overnight that cute, adorable child that would lovingly respond to all your requests of blowing kisses and making cute faces become possessed by an evil spirit that yells and throws tantrums whenever they don’t get what they want. Around the two years of age (sometimes sooner, like around 18 months) a childhood […]