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What are the risks and benefits of having a pet around kids?

If the risk of developing allergies is your biggest concern when thinking about pets and children coexisting, don’t spend another second worrying about it. Recent studies show the exact opposite: kids who grow up with pets actually have less chances of developing respiratory allergies, and that’s not all. The benefits of this relationship include physical, […]

Frustration: an important concept to learn

Babies, in general, need to have their needs met as soon as possible: if they have a dirty diaper, it should be changed to avoid rashes. If they’re hungry, even more so for newborns, they should be fed immediately. Pain and fever require special care, and so on and so forth.  As children start growing […]

14 months: exploring artistic skills is all the fun

Evidently, a one year and two-months-old child doesn’t have the appropriate motor skills and coordination to create detailed pieces of art – such as straight lines or perfect circles, for example – or anything with meaning. However, playing around with paints and crayons during this age is a great tool to stimulate imagination, cognitive skills […]