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How can I tell if my baby has an ear infection?

Como identificar dor de ouvido em bebê

All of a sudden, your child starts crying, a high-pitched scream from someone in what seems like unbearable pain, and you have no idea what to do. Because they can’t articulate their feelings properly, it’s hard to figure out where this complaint could be coming from. Did they break a bone? Are they suffering from […]

My kid is getting agressive: what do I do?

Bebê agressivo

One day, suddenly, that cute, smiling baby turns into a crying and whining child, the kind that will scratch your arm and throw things in your direction. These temper tantrums over nothing tend to scare parents and, before you start questioning your parenting skills, be assured, it will pass. Take a deep breath! These impulses […]

16 months: tips on interesting toys and how to organize them

Os brinquedos mais indicados para o bebê de 1 ano e como arrumar e organizar a bagunça

With one year and four months of life, the love for stuffed animals continues to grow each day more and more. Because children during this phase love imitating adults, the tendency is that they will repeat with toys the aspects of the family’s routine: giving food to the bear, singing the doll to sleep, etc. […]