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How to prepare your oldest for the arrival of a new baby?

The arrival of the second child can be a delicate moment in the life of a family. Soon enough, parents will have to care for not one but two children. The second child often comes when the oldest child already sleeps through the night and has finally been potty-trained. A new baby arrives, and sleepless […]

The positive side of having a pet

Relação do pet com a criança

Having a pet at home depends, of course, on several factors: financial resources, space, time to care for them, etc. If you have been considering the possibility of having one, but feel reluctant to put the animal close to your child, you can relax: experts guarantee that the relationship between babies and animals is very […]

17 months: music, a very interesting stimulus

Estímulo musical para bebê

Besides toys with a musical appeal – instruments, buttons that make sounds when pressed, telephones, etc. – it’s important to encourage the child’s interest in music through singing. During this phase, when language is still developing, the best bet are nursery rhymes with funny wordplays, such as “head, shoulders, knees and toes”. Or even ones […]

7 months: first teeth, first pasty foods

The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends babies be exclusively fed maternal milk up until they complete six months of life. The child doesn’t even need water or teas. As they enter the seventh month of life, however, the child can discover new foods. If you breastfeed and would like to continue doing so, there’s no […]