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My child still won’t sleep the whole night. What do I do?

Bebê não dorme a noite toda

Very few aspects of motherhood will generate more expectations than the answer to this question. If your child sleeps well throughout the night ever since the very first few weeks, consider yourself extremely lucky. Only those who have faced sleepless night after sleepless night – waking up several times during the night – and the […]

Language in full activity

Desenvolvimento da linguagem do bebê

Until they turn two, your child’s vocabulary will be limited to up to 200 words, did you know? At this point, it’s possible for them to learn about 10 words or more a day. Yes, it truly is impressive! For that very reason, it’s a phase that requires certain attention over what adults should say […]

18 months: a year and a half of many developments and discoveries

Bebê 18 meses

You’ll need a lot of energy to keep up! One and a half-year-old babies are pure adrenaline: they don’t sit still for a single minute, constantly open doors and cabinets, climb on furniture and just stick their heads in everything. With that in mind, they shouldn’t be left alone close to pools, bathtubs or large […]