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The age of biting, hitting and kicking: how do I proceed?

The time will come for every parent: your child will try to solve all of their insatisfactions by biting, kicking or slapping things and/or people. Before you get mad or upset because they hit you or acted aggressively towards someone else, it’s important to note that there’s nothing personal about it. In fact, without fully […]

New fears, new precautions

Lidar com o medo da criança

It’s perfectly normal for a child to feel scared during this age. With so many experiences and new abilities acquired every day, this feeling develops so the child can learn how to deal with potential dangers (at least from a child’s point of view) and how to protect against them. This way, nightmares can happen […]

21 months: playing & interacting with other children

Socialização de crianças

Parents, undoubtedly, are the child’s first source of fun. They are the ones who pose the first games during playtime, teach funny things, show how to interact with a ball or a stuffed animal, take them to the park, etc. As the baby grows older, however, socialization becomes necessary, especially in cases where the child […]