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My child barely speaks. Is that normal?

O que fazer quando o filho com 2 anos não fala quase nada

Are the neighbors’ kids already forming complete sentences while yours is still repeating only “mama” and “papa”? Yes, we know it’s nerve-wracking to see other kids talking while yours is radio silent. But the first rule of maternity says: never compare your child with other babies. Each child has their own developmental rhythm. It could […]

How to prepare to ditch the diapers

Como fazer o desfralde

Around the two-year mark, the child can already be prepared to stop wearing diapers as they are not only able to notice when they need to go potty, but they are also capable of communicating that. In general, children who attend pre-school are able to undergo this process more quickly and without too many issues […]

Two years of age: what to expect from now on

O que esperar dos 2 anos da criança

Besides having more freedom of movement and physical independence, the two-year-old child can already walk correctly – in fact, they’re capable of jumping and running a lot! With that in mind, this is the perfect time to stimulate them to become even more independent in daily activities – such as, for example, eating, showering and […]