Bath time is not only a hygiene ritual for babies. It is also the perfect occasion to strengthen the mother-child bond, talk to the child and, of course, incentivize their development in different ways – sensory, motor, cognitive, intellectual…Before starting playtime, however, it’s important to ensure the water is warm enough, never going past the 10 to 15-minute mark to prevent the child from catching a cold. On colder days, it’s worth noting, that the fun has to be a little quicker. Here are some ideas:


Every mother, you might have noticed, transforms themselves into a potential singer/songwriter. Singing is a great way to communicate with your baby and you can explore that tool during bath time by coming up with songs that name their body parts, as you clean them. The kids love it.


Playing with the bubbles or the foam distracts the child – try putting on a little bit on their hands or feet. Don’t forget to choose shampoos and soaps specific for babies, that can avoid any irritation in their eyes.

Wind-up toys

Mermaids, turtles and ducks that can be wound up are great for the child to have fun, especially during this time when many babies are already sitting up.


In the water, why not? Babies love bath time books, even more so if they’re colorful. You can add to the fun by picking one that has pictures of animals whose sound you can teach the child to imitate.