Daily moments of leisure are a great opportunity not only to strengthen the mother-child bond but also to incentivize the child’s intellectual and sensory development as well as their motor skills. Check out below some suggestions of games and activities you can do with your baby during this stage:

  • Play pretend horseback riding with your baby. Certainly, you can remember this old playtime classic from your childhood, right? Sitting down, place the baby on your lap, sitting with both legs apart on one of your thighs and gently rock your leg to mimic a horseback riding motion.
  • Put the child on the baby seat and give them two toys they can smash together. You can show them how to do it first, of course.
  • Show them a doll or plush animal and then hide it, checking to see if they’ve found it. You can reinforce the game with the classic “Where is it? There it is!” expression.
  • This one yields many cute laughs: ask someone else to hold the baby on their lap, facing you, and then hide behind the person, calling your baby and getting them to find you. Babies think is hilarious when they “find” their mothers.
  • Help your baby hold the rattle with their hand and teach them to shake it and make noise.