There’s little to no difference between the typical meal plan suggested for pregnant women and the nutritional recommendations for someone who just gave birth.

It’s important to keep eating healthy, prioritizing more natural or minimally processed foods. After all, your body just went through several changes. And, if you breastfeed, healthy habits become even more essential.

Please remember milk is part water. So, drink up. It’s unnecessary to count the number of cups of water you drink, but feeling thirsty – including a dry mouth feeling – is common among women who breastfeed, so always keep a bottle of water close by.

Feeling hungrier is also more common. During the breastfeeding stage, you should opt for homemade meals and meals that include fruits, legumes, vegetables, rice, milk, meats, and eggs.

In between feedings and/or main meals, you can snack on something light: granola bars, fruit salads, yogurt-based vitamins, salt crackers, etc.

Another important piece of information is: don’t even think about taking weight loss supplements now that the baby is here. Within the course of the next few months, you will go back to your pre-baby weight. That’s due, especially because breastfeeding requires more effort from the body than the entire pregnancy process – your body will burn anywhere from 800 to 1,000 calories a day to produce milk. Besides, you’ve had a human being inside of you, be kind to your body.

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