Reading to babies has several proven benefits. The first one, obviously, is that it allows for you and your child to spend quality time together, which you will remember for a very long time. Your voice during these first few months of life is the most wonderful sound in the world for your child. As you read them a story, your child will feel more loved and wanted. Even though they might not understand the words you’re saying just yet, they’ll be able to assimilate context clues based on intonation and phonetics. And, they will also be stimulated physically, cognitively and emotionally. In the long run, memory and concentration will become sharper and the child, aside from loving to read, will be more curious and creative and with a wider vocabulary range.

Wondering what kind of books to read to your baby? Follow the concepts below:

Colors: go for more contrast – black/white, red/yellow – and primary colors, great to catch their attention.

Animals: big/small, tall/short, bright/dark, thick/thin are some of the good concepts to work with during this phase.

Textures: books that babies can put their hands on and feel different materials – the alligator’s rough tail, the cat’s soft fur – as they stimulate the senses.

Bath time: plastic books, made of the same material as floaties, can even be put inside their mouths.

Music: with buttons or like a rattle, these books trigger their interest in musicality.

Poetry: the orality and word combinations provide the little ones with a completely calming effect.