Good news: there are very few diseases that can impede a mother from breastfeeding. Those with HIV, for instance, shouldn’t breastfeed due to the risk of transmission to the child. Some debilitating ailments, such as heart failure, also don’t mix well with breastfeeding as they can compromise the general maternal health.

Fevers, colds, the flu and a stomach bug, in a general sense, don’t impede breastfeeding, but it’s worth talking to your doctor about the possibility of using a mask to protect the baby. Unlike during pregnancy, there are several medications and antibiotics that lactating mothers can take, so no one should suffer or wait for the issue to go away. In fact, the faster you recover, the better it’ll be for the baby, right? Even diseases such as rubella or Hepatitis A, B or C aren’t impeding. In any event, always communicate to your doctor – especially if you need to go to the emergency room – that you’re breastfeeding and how old your child is, so the professional can figure out the best treatment for you.