Becoming a mother is an objective, a dream, a life-long project for many women. However, just because you’ve reached this goal with success – a cute and healthy baby in your arms is the living proof! –  doesn’t mean you need to put your interpersonal relationships in the back burner.  Maternity can “drain” your energies. Caring for a newborn, even more so for inexperienced women, requires time, effort, sleepless nights and full-time dedication. However, try not to disregard your other relationships: with your partner, your parents, friends and older children.

Cherish the time you spend together, even if short, and try talking about things other than newborn topics. Show interest in their questions, their day to day, their wants and needs, even if you can’t help them or attain to them the way they expect you to, at least during this delicate phase. Being empathetic and listening to them helps a lot, just like including them in your daily routine.

And, most importantly, don’t neglect yourself. As exhausted as you may be, invest in yourself, in your self-esteem and your well-being. Try watching a movie or series you like, read a good book (even if you can only go as far as one page everyday!), use a different soap with a nice smell, put on a comfortable, but pretty, outfit. Treating yourself with care ensures you’ll feel better when dealing with everything else.