Around the fifth month of life, your baby will weigh more or less double what they used to when they were born. Full of energy, the baby has been practicing sitting up and, in some cases, even crawling!

Their intelligence level is on full blast: during this stage the child is capable of, for example, distinguishing themselves from other people in a mirror. The little noises are more and more frequent. Pay close attention and you’ll notice your child is pronouncing the sounds of vowels and some consonants such as d, b, l and m. “Da” is their favorite word. And, because every mother fawns over their ever-evolving linguistic abilities, the child tends to repeat it more and more.

And, speaking of drool, many babies love making drool bubbles and blowing them. It’s still a stage where your baby will be very vocal and smile a lot in an attempt to make social contact and call the parents’ attention. One of their favorite attention-grabbing techniques is the “fake cough”. To help them better understand the concept that all actions have consequences, participating in playtime is a lot of fun. Your child can throw objects on the ground and follow where and how they fall or observe as you retrieve the item.

Another surprising feat for the 5-month-old child is that they now recognize their favorite toy upon seeing it inside the crib or on the couch, for example.